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Quotation1.png People ask me, "What is the meaning of killing if you're risking your own life?" It doesn't 'mean' shit. It's about instinct, not meaning. That spark lights up in your brain. And that sweet, sweet dopamine starts to flow. There's no 'meaning' to men fighting. Men are born to fight. Quotation2.png
Travis in Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, Chapter 1 'Absolute Zero'
Travis Touchdown

No More Heroes concept art of Travis Touchdown.

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle concept art of Travis Touchdown.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes concept art of Travis Touchdown.

No More Heroes III concept art of Travis Touchdown.

Real name Travis Touchdown
Nickname Holy Sword
The Crownless King
No More Hero
Master (by Shinobu Jacobs)
The Last Hero Around
Dem Zam Tiger
King of the Gamers
Age 27 (No More Heroes)
30 (No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle)
37 (Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes)
39 (No More Heroes III)
Species Human
Nationality American
Relatives Unnamed father
Unnamed mother
Jeane (former childhood love interest, half-sister) ✝
Henry Cooldown (older fraternal twin brother)
Sylvia Christel (wife, ex-sister-in-law)
Jeane (pet cat)
Hunter (son)
Jeane (daughter)
Scott (grandson)
Affiliations United Assassins Association (formerly)
Occupations Assassin
Ally(s) Sylvia Christel (Ranking Agent)
Shinobu Jacobs
Bad Girl (former rival)
NT Kamui (friend)
Bishop Shidux (best friend) ✝
Buzariashvili Bishop (friend)
Dr. Naomi
Dr. Juvenile
Midori Midorikawa
Enemy(s) Jeane
Skelter Helter
Jasper Batt Jr.
Galactic Superhero Corps
Damon Riccitiello
Notable kills
Status Alive
Debut No More Heroes
Voiced by Robin Atkin Downes (English)
Kazuya Nakai (Japanese)

Travis Touchdown (トラヴィス・タッチダウン Torabisu Tacchidaun) is the protagonist and anti-hero of the No More Heroes series. He is introduced as a 27-year-old American assassin and stereotypical otaku – his motel room decorated with professional wrestling, video games and anime/manga collectibles – living in near poverty in the Motel "NO MORE HEROES" of Santa Destroy accompanied by his kitten Jeane (most likely named after his lost love). He appears to have an interest in lucha libre, video games, Japanese pro wrestling icons, and anime; his favorite being a moe-driven anime series called Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly.

Goichi Suda previously said that Travis will be retired from the series from No More Heroes III and potentially onward,[1] but later changed his mind when speaking about how the third game would come out in a long time, talking about how Travis would be much older then.

Travis Touchdown is voiced by Robin Atkin Downes, Kazuya Nakai in the Japanese version, and was based on Jackass's Johnny Knoxville and Ultimate Fighting Championship contender Josh Barnett.[2]


Travis usually wears a lightweight leather jacket, t-shirt, jeans, and sunglasses, though his outfit varies slightly in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. Travis has dark spiky hair and blue eyes.

In Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, he is depicted wearing a purple leather jacket in place of his signature red one.


While Travis displays crude, punkish and immature behavior, and is especially cruel toward the male assassins he fights, he displays normal and decent behavior whenever he isn't on the job. Travis is relatively calm about killing people and has been shown to be sexually stimulated by it in Desperate Struggle. In his starting days of the first No More Heroes, killing women made him feel uncomfortable until Holly Summers told him that all assassins, no matter what gender, must die when they lose. He is capable of being touched by people's emotional and personal experiences, seeing that he didn't seem entirely settled after killing Dr. Peace, whose daughter was estranged from him, and with Margaret Moonlight, where he fulfilled her dying wish by remembering her song. Travis also has a certain amount of honor and respect for people he believes to be "true warriors" as he tries to spare the assassin Ryuji in Desperate Struggle, and soon shows a great deal of his humanity after the death of Alice Twilight, weary of the arranged manslaughter he accidentally promoted and by the various corporations that took advantage of it. Touchdown is very driven to prove himself, is shown to be highly intelligent and a quick learner, and can be surprisingly witty and even poetic. Travis takes his friendships very seriously as well, as evidenced by his quest to avenge the murder of Bishop Shidux, after which he seems to learn something about the repercussions that death has on others aside from the one being killed. Travis only ever removes his aviator glasses on-screen once, when he has sex with Sylvia Christel.

In Travis Strikes Again, according to SUDA51, Travis has since become exhausted from the ranking matches and spent his time playing video games in his trailer. He expresses agitation when someone or something interrupts his gaming session.

Travis has also shown to have an appreciation for candy and likely has a very strong sweet tooth. This is best shown in No More Heroes, where whenever he's about to finish an enemy he usually shouts out the name of various different desserts (i.e. "Blueberry Cheese Brownie!"). This is also likely a reference to the characters from his favorite anime, Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly.



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Standard Powers and Abilities[]


Travis Uses a Beam Katana. Not to be confused with a lightsaber, Travis won his first Beam Katana from an online auction. Travis gained formal training on how to wield katanas from his master Thunder Ryu and can be seen switching between high and low stances during combat. After being used too much his Beam Katana's batteries will need recharging. His signature technique is known as the Dark Step, He slows down time and slides behind his opponent after blocking or narrowly avoiding an attack. The Dark Step gives Travis freedom to punish his opponents.

Death Glove[]

The controller of the Death Drive MK-2, a magical videogame console able to absorb people into its code (Originally created as a military super soldier program). Within the Death Drive it allows Travis to make use of numerous special abilities including telekinesis, invisibility, healing, creating decoys, and a collection of other practical techniques and powerful attacks. The Death Glove will be making a return in No More Heroes III in the physical world.


Travis is a master at Pro Wrestling and Lucha Libre able to daze his opponents with powerful strikes and follow up with a number of throws to finish off his opponents. In the second game Travis can hit so hard he reduces the health of his opponents and many of his throws apply enough Force to produce shockwaves that push other enemies back. He also has excellent accuracy when making his Beam Katana land on opponents after a throw. He received formal training from Thunder Ryu as well as a Mysterious master who leaves him notes before ranking fights in No More Heroes 1.


No More Heroes[]

Travis Touchdown's past is somewhat explored in the first game, where it is at times deliberately (and humorously) muddled and filled with stereotypes. His parents were killed when he was young, apparently by his love (and in actuality, the daughter of Touchdown's father and another woman), Jeane, who had a traumatic and complex past, leaving Touchdown on his own. He had an older twin brother, Henry, he never knew, who apparently grew up in Ireland. Travis has apparently had interest in being a pro wrestler at one point, and practiced the use of the sword via a mixture of his trainer Thunder Ryu's teachings, correspondence courses and videotapes.

One night after winning a beam katana in an online auction, Touchdown meets Sylvia Christel in the local Death Match bar, where Christel ushers him into joining the United Assassins Association, so long as he can qualify by killing the eleventh ranked assassin, Helter-Skelter. Having run out of money to buy video games, he accepts the job and easily snags UAA rank eleven. Nonplussed that he has now made himself a target for aspiring assassins, Touchdown only agrees to set out and secure himself as number one in the UAA when Christel teases him with the possibility of sex, so long as he can reach the top.

After defeating the nine assassins above him, killing all of them except for one, the final assassin, Dark Star, claims to be his father in a manner reminiscent of Darth Vader from Star Wars. However, he is subsequently killed by Travis' half-sister, Jeane, who details how she had previously murdered his parents because of his father's sexual abuse. Travis and Jeane engage in a climatic battle, with Jeane's mixed martial arts skills proving very formidable. Travis is nearly killed by Jeane when she lands a punch through his chest, but is saved by Shinobu, whom he had spared. After Travis and Jeane share some final words with one another, Travis kills her, and becomes the highest ranked assassin of the UAA.

After the fight with Jeane, while in the bathroom, Ermen Palmer attempts to kill him while defenseless, presumably to take his rank as an assassin; in the game's "real" ending, Henry slices Ermen in half before he could harm Travis and challenges him to a fight outside the motel. The game ends as they dramatically jump towards each other, presumably to finish each other off. However, it is revealed that both Henry and Travis seem to be dissatisfied with the fight since Sylvia had interrupted it before one could kill the other.

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle[]

Three years pass and despite Travis having withdrawn from the ranks of the UAA, Santa Destroy continues recognizing him as a hero, thanks to whom the city "has never been safer," even erecting a statue in his honor. Some referred to him as The Crownless King or The "No More Hero" as a result of this, and he is seen in graffiti as a figure similar to Che Guevara. It is during this time that Touchdown and his friends become targeted by members of the Mafia. Mentor Randall Lovikov is slain, and after a preliminary Ranking Battle against Skelter Helter, Travis's best friend Bishop Shidux's death follows. An enraged Travis fixates himself on reassuming first rank in the UAA to both avenge his friend and claim Christel once and for all.

After making his way through the ranked fights and killing the hitmen responsible for murdering Bishop, Touchdown slays Jasper Batt Jr., the wealthy entrepreneur responsible for Bishop's death, and sometime afterward, locates Christel where she presumably disappeared to work in a brothel. The two rekindle their relationship, becoming lovers and the pair return to Santa Destroy, and later marrying at some point, where they had two children: Hunter and Jeane.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes[]

In Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, taking place seven years after the events of the second game, Travis - now 37 years old - has isolated himself and lives in a camper in a forest in Texas, where he spends his time playing video games. Travis is attacked by Badman, an assassin who seeks retribution for the death of his daughter Bad Girl, whom Travis killed in the first game. However, during Badman's attempted ambush of Travis, the two accidentally awake a dormant video game console in Travis' possession - the "Death Drive MK-II". The console reacts to Badman's Death Ball, and the two get transported into the video game that's contained in it. Travis and Badman learn from the console's AI construct, Death & Drive, that the unreleased console was created by Dr. Juvenile, and completing the six Death Balls that contain the only games developed for the console will grant its player one wish. The two form a truce, opting to team up to locate every Death Ball, and defeat all of the games, in order to resurrect Bad Girl.

In the last seven years, Travis had married former UAA confidant Sylvia Christel, and had two children, though he abandoned his family for their safety, as assassins kept showing up to battle Travis. In his search for the Death Balls, Travis ends up traversing the planet and meeting characters from other Suda51 games, such as Kamui Uehara from The Silver Case, and Mondo Zappa from Killer Is Dead. Travis also receives information about Dr. Juvenile and her past through fax messages from her purported husband, learning that Juvenile is a war orphan with genius intellect and an affinity for video games, who was hired by the US government to develop advanced technology. She also implemented elements of her history and upbringing into the Death Drive's games, such as basing the murderous Doppelganger on her adoptive father. Travis learns that the "Death Drive MK-II" was designed as a machine that would create clones of its users, and that while it was initially intended for space travel, the government had re-purposed it to be a super soldier program - a prospect which caused Juvenile to sabotage the project in an act of defiance, and go into hiding. Despite this, the mother machine responsible for its protocols still lays dormant within the CIA, and Travis is warned that completing all six Death Ball games will cause it to reboot, allowing the government to continue developing super soldiers. He is also alerted that should it be reactivated, Juvenile would destroy the United States in retaliation for everything she had been put through during her service to the government.

Despite warnings, Travis and Badman successfully complete every Death Ball; however one of the games - Killer Marathon - turns out to be an incomplete version of the game. As such, when they wish for Bad Girl's resurrection, she ends up being resurrected in the form of a dog. Travis later ends up locating a prototype for a Death Ball which, rather than transporting him into a video game, transports him directly into the CIA. Massacring his way through the facility he locates the Death Drive mother machine which is being guarded by Dr. Juvenile, who has infiltrated the facility and taken the form of "White Sheepman". Travis, expressing respect for her talents and sympathy for her suffering, reluctantly battles and ultimately defeats her. He interacts with the mother machine and is transported to Mars, where he meets John Winter; the creator of the very original Death Drive and Juvenile's mentor. Winter explains that he retired to Mars to escape Earth's problems, and safeguards the planet, opposing the government's plans to emigrate there. He offers Travis the opportunity to stay on Mars and live a "perfect life". Travis declines, realizing that he can't abandon his past, and deciding to face his problems head on. Winter responds by decapitating Travis, as the only way for him to return is to "die".

Back on Earth, Travis is approached by his self-proclaimed pupil, Shinobu Jacobs, who asks him to return from hiding, as the assassins await. Travis concurs, desiring bloodshed. In a playable post-credits segment, Travis is controlled from a third person perspective similar to the previous No More Heroes games, set in a default Unreal Engine level. While attempting to approach a dummy, Travis berates the player for treating the area like a game, saying that they're currently "in development".

Following the events of the main campaign, Travis and Shinobu are intercepted by Travis' twin brother Henry, who is now part of an enigmatic order with a vendetta against Travis. Travis and Shinobu prepare to battle against his subordinates before they're interrupted by a pair of villainous alien lucha libre wrestlers bent on world domination, and a self-proclaimed super hero named "Notorious". When Travis questions the sudden presence of the new characters, Shinobu wonders whether they are foreshadowing "the next game". The standoff is once again interrupted, this time by Death & Drive, who are seeking revenge against Travis. He manages to beat them in a game of Fire Pro Wrestling, obtaining the location of the completed version of the Killer Marathon Death Ball, which is in the possession of Travis' wife, Sylvia Christel. Travis returns to her estate, obtaining the Death Ball and reconnecting with his daughter and wife in the process. After beating the completed version of Killer Marathon, Travis and Badman successfully resurrect Bad Girl. Travis also sees a glimpse of the Death Drive mother machine, which states that coding has been completed.

No More Heroes III[]

In No More Heroes III, taking place nine years after the events of No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle and two years after the events of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, Travis - now 39 years old - returns from his self-imposed exile to Santa Destroy, as he must defend the world from an alien invasion of an incredibly powerful army led by a galactic overlord prince. Learning of the current situation, he must take on and defeat this legion of super-powered beings from outer space who go under the persona of superheroes in order to save the world.

In other media[]

While the canonicity is questionable, Touchdown and Christel are represented by their respective voice actors in a skit heard in "N.M.H. The Outer Rim Remix", set 120 years after the events of No More Heroes. Taking place on Christel's birthday, Touchdown muses, "Hard to believe it's been 120 years since we tied the knot, and 76 years since we rode the shuttle into outer space. Seems like ages ago when we were on Earth." This means Touchdown and Christel's marriage lasted 44 years before they departed for a life traveling space. Christel reflects on Touchdown's obsession with UAA ranks, but recalls that after achieving immortality, Touchdown "finally thought about eternity and how important love is." Touchdown then proceeds to give Christel her birthday gift, a music box culled from a crater on Satellite 13. Christel finds the music "so dramatic," and calls the figurine band atop the music box The Outer Rim. The event is depicted on the cover of The Outer Rim's self-titled album, where the song appears, showing Touchdown and Christel dressed as astronauts.

Outside of the No More Heroes series, Travis also appears in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen on the Nintendo Switch as part of a collaboration with Capcom and Grasshopper Manufacture to feature a downloadable pawn named "Travis TD" from April 25 to July 8, 2019.  A Mii Fighter costume based on Travis was added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate via downloadable content on October 13, 2020.

Special abilities[]

Travis is a very formidable assassin, being skilled in the art of swordplay and physical combat. After becoming acquainted with Randall Lovikov, the town drunk, Travis is able to rely on Lovikov to teach him special techniques that compliment his fighting and questing skills. These techniques named after the Killer7 include abilities such as running comically fast, extrasensory perception revealing enemies on the mini map, Pouncing on downed opponents from long distances to execute them, a special Beam Katana strike, a longer grab, Earning Bonus cash after assassin fights, and doubling the amount of time he can remain in Dark side mode.

He is able to activate "Dark Side" mode by lining up three symbols in a slot machine after executing a Death Blow or a Wrestling Throw. Travis calls out the name of the attack and activates whatever trance of Dark side the slots picked. Each trance of Dark Side Mode releases energy that fully recharges Travis' katana and imbues Travis with superhuman speed and invincibility as well as the specific powers of each Trance. These powers include slowing down time, entering a dark rage that induces fear and doubles his strength, Shooting yellow balls of pure energy similar to a Ki blast, Transforming into a Super Saiyan like state that turns his hair yellow and allows him to run extra fast while super-charging his katana to kill any opponent instantly with one blow, Raining down explosive blasts of pink energy all around him clearing the field of enemies, Shape shifting into a Tiger able to one shot opponents much like his Super Saiyan transformation, and releasing a massive wave of pink energy all around him that clears the field of enemies. He is also able to manually activate an unnamed Darkside sometimes known as Super Mode or Ecstasy by fans. Travis gains speeds so intense that he teleports all around his enemies slashing them in an unbroken infinite combo that follows targets even when they themselves teleport away. This is theorized to be the missing attack called Nut berry Milk Blancmange revealed to be the name of the signature move of Nutberry from the Bizarre Jelly 5 Anime in Travis Strikes Again.

By Desperate Struggle, Travis is able to produce high concentrations of Ki within his body whenever he gets excited (Represented by the Ecstasy Gauge). Being pumped with Ki energy allows Travis to flow seamlessly between combos and dodges, extend his combos, resist attacks which would normally knock him down, and perform Dark Beat attacks that dim the screen much like a Dark Step and stun opponents instantaneously. There is the possibility that Travis is constantly at max ecstasy during the events of No More Heroes 1 since he always has the ability to do Dark Beat attacks and his love for killing is at its peak during the plot of that game. All Dark side Modes set him back to low ecstasy due to the release of all his energy but Travis can begin passively producing Ki again as soon as its over and as a result he is never seen losing stamina during combat.

His preferred weapon is the Beam Katana, which he relies on the scientist Dr. Naomi to design for him, and to optimize the models he already owns. Throughout No More Heroes, Travis acquires the Blood Berry, followed by the more durable Tsubaki that serves as a direct upgrade for Blood Berry with a stronger beam and a more reliable battery, the heavily upgraded and empowered Tsubaki Mk-II which is comprised of five beams and requires 2 hands to wield, and finally the Tsubaki Mk-III, a receiver-less beam katana designed after the Beam Katana of his mentor, Thunder Ryu. The lack of a receiver allows it to extend for Deathblows. In Desperate Struggle, Travis gains Peony, a katana that harnesses his Ki to extend its blade but it strains him and forces him to swing it slowly due to the draining of his energy. He also gains a set of Dual katanas named Rose Nasty, These Katanas have a very long lasting battery and let Travis perform very fast attacks.

He has former experience in pro wrestling, training through the use of correspondence tapes and some experience in Calgary with a mysterious master who leaves him notes signed by M.S. before ranking fights (Possibly Mask de Smith from killer7). This experience allows him to use a great variety of Wrestling Moves to take down foes, Travis punctuates all of his Wrestling Moves by letting his Beam Katana land on his opponent to guarantee their death. He strikes his opponents so hard with his punches and kicks that they are left stunned and are sent flying on occasion. In Desperate Struggle Travis can reduce his opponent's health with his hand to hand strikes and can use wrestling moves in place of a deathblow even if his opponent isn't dazed. His Wrestling Moves slam hard enough to create shockwaves that push other enemies back.

Travis also has some resistance to firearms, Assassins like Dr. Peace, Helter-Skelter, Skelter Helter and Margaret Moonlight have riddled him with bullets, Margaret specifically used explosive rounds against him. Helter Skelter also hit him with missiles on top of the bullets. Aside from bullets, Travis also survived a potent electric shock and several powerful laser attacks from the assassin Destroyman as well as 4 Frag grenade explosions from the assassin Holly Summers while stuck in a hole that made the explosions focus upward all around him.

Travis is a master at blocking attacks. He is able to block lasers, bullets, and melee strikes from any direction extremely quickly. He can parry a lot of powerful attacks and counter using one of his charged slashes. By the time of Desperate Struggle the only attacks he has difficulty parrying are those of Jasper Batt Jr.'s second phase during his teleporting close range punch combo. In his super hero form Jasper is able to punch the air so hard he creates blasts of compressed air, He can parry those blasts but the punches themselves break his guard if he tries to parry them, he can only parry the last punch which is the weakest. Travis managed to block attacks from Alice Twilight who used 7 robotic appendages to swing beam katanas at Travis all at once. These include 6 arms and 1 tail that has a stronger strike. Travis can somewhat block Speed Buster's massive laser cannon and he has the strength to push back Assassins such as Henry Cooldown and Jasper Batt Jr. in a blade clash. His reflexes also let him dodge attacks such as Destroyman's beam and Captain Vladimir's orbital laser even when taken by surprise.

Travis Touchdown is shown to have a high degree of durability to a sort of cartoonish level, this allows for a ton of slapstick humor whenever Travis is in a fight. Travis is extremely resistant to firearms as mentioned above. He is also extremely resistant to poison as shown when he does not die and recovers quickly upon inhaling Cloe Walsh's mist of poison which is strong enough to melt concrete. In addition to that, Cloe is able to pin him down and kiss him, flooding his body with her corrosive poison. This causes Travis to spit out a ton of blood but it doesn't kill him. He is able to withstand all attacks that common enemies or bosses deal to him. He is able to withstand the devastating blades of a chainsaw, beam katanas, and the massive earthquake that Dr. Letz Shake created during his duel with him. In fact, he is able to withstand Jeane's punch through his chest and still stand on his two feet showing no signs of feeling pain, endure Bad Girl's barrage of hits when she's dying and even Alice Twilight's attack in which her scorpion tail stabs him through his hips and slams him down on the ground as well as any other special moves that assassins in Desperate Struggle use when they win a blade clash. He can survive getting pile-drived by Jasper Batt's super hero form that can punch with enough strength to created blasts of compressed air and even getting punched, shot and crushed by Jasper's giant 3rd from that casually slapped away the top layer of Pizza Batt Tower to get a good view of Travis inside of Batt's office. He even survived the explosion of prison island when he was a few meters away from it's epicenter stemming from Cloe Walsh's body. Travis can also withstand a Soviet orbital laser fired from a satellite. Travis can also pull himself away from the brink of death through sheer will about 9 times when the player shakes the controller in No More Heroes 2 after losing all of their health. Travis also survives the attacks of White Sheep man (Dr. Juvenile) who had full control over the worlds of the Death Drive. Her unavoidable Dendrobium ball attack is the strongest in the game but at max level Travis can tank it without dying. Travis at a max level of 20 has Tripled his attributes from the start of the game letting him easily stand up to the bosses in the Death Drive who are far stronger than any Assassin Travis has faced before. Bosses like Eight Hearts, Garcia Hotspur's gun who killed the lord of hell in Shadows of the Damned.

Travis also has a vast amount of mental fortitude, He is able to withstand Margaret Moonlight's singing which was able to put Sylvia into a week long coma when she heard it from a 100 yards away and Cloe Walsh's insane screaming that makes the birds flying around prison island commit suicide by drowning themselves, these screams are also strong enough to create and earthquake on the island. On top of this, Travis resists her attempt to paralyze him at the beginning of the fight where he complains about not being able to move his body only to then find the strength to stab Cloe and save himself. Both Margaret and Cloe have supernatural powers stemming from Akashic points. (Margaret is Alice Twilight's sister and you find Alice inside of an Akashic point, Alice can be seen burning a picture of her and Margaret before her fight as well as a picture containing only Margaret.) He also withstood the effects of the Death Drive MK-2 which is said to cause madness and mental deterioration.

Travis is a genius who can adapt to any situation, only being tricked by assassins who are equally as cunning. People get the impression that Travis is easy to fool from his encounter with Destroyman. Destroyman however, is a silver tongued cheater who appeals to Travis' sense of honor and changes personalities in an instant to manipulate his opponents, giving off an honorable and polite aura until he shocks Travis and reveals his true personality, He never actually expected Travis to survive his special attack combo and simply stand back up. He goes as far as to prepare decoys for his desperation move where he uses a crane to lift himself out of reach to spam powerful ranged attacks. Travis cleverly uses these blasts and knocks them back at Destroy man with his beam katana to stun him, (just like when he sends lasers flying back in Desperate Struggle). Once the fight is over, Travis stabs Destroyman in the back knowing he can't shoot any beams from his back (the only time Travis has killed an assassin from behind). Destroyman tries to trick Travis one last time by pleading for help while impaled, and when Travis removes his beam katana from his chest, he fires his nipple turrets at Travis, but Travis pretends to fall for it, and splits him in half effortlessly in one swift motion, showing that Travis had him all figured out.

Many other Assassins try to set up traps for Travis to make their fights with him difficult and challenging, such as Holly Summers, whose entire stage is full of minefields and barbed wire, and uses pitfall traps and other guerilla tactics to try and kill Travis at a distance, even employing tricks like tossing sand at his face with her shovel. In No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, he bests Nathan Copeland in his office full of turrets and bombs and conveyor belts as well as a chandelier that makes the center of the room unavailable. He beats Dr. Letz Shake in an Arena personally designed by him to facilitate his earthquake attack that launches giant pillars out of the ground. To avoid it, Travis stands on key support pillars made of steel that exist to make the field structurally sound and don't rise up like every other pillar. Travis can keep up with assassins who teleport and have strange abilities like Harvey Volodarskii, Margaret Moonlight, and Jasper Batt Jr. He can also keep up with the crazy patterns and attacks of the enemies inside of the Death Drive Mk II. He even beat White Sheepman who could create black hole vortexes and checker the field with blasts of light.

Trading cards[]

Travis Touchdown appears on nine trading cards in the Design Materials set of No More Heroes. These are No. 98, No. 99, No. 100, No. 127, No. 128, No. 129, No. 130, No. 134 and No. 150.



No More Heroes[]

  • "(Intro) I know a lot of gamers out there who don't have much patience. 'Least that's what Bishop the dude at the video store said. So I'm at the register and then I realize: I got no money! I was seriously broke! Why? 'cause I met this smoking hot chick last night at the deathmatch bar and MAN did she smell GOOD! So, being the gentleman I am, I bought her a drink. Anyhoo, I decided to get a job. The gig: assassinate 'The Drifter'! So I went where I was supposed to and waited for the guy to show up. And there he was: this cat, well-dressed, cool. Couldn't tell if he was the shit, or just plain old shit. Yeah, so he's stylin', fast, aggressive, and packin' heat. Bada-bing. Or at least it was supposed to be. 'Til she showed up. Her name: Sylvia Christel, an agent with this whatchyamacallit association. "Congratulations; you are certified as the 11th best hitman. How about getting rid of the 10 killers above you, and aim for the top?" I wanna be number one. How's that? Short and simple enough for ya? It's gonna be a long, hard road. But who knows? Could kick ass. Could be dangerous. Could totally suck. Whadaya say, bro? Join me. Let's see how far we can take this. And for you there, holding the Wii Remote/controller right now, just press the A/○ (Circle)/START button. Let the bloodshed begin!"
  • "Fuckhead!"
  • "Yo, help me out here. Where's this Death Metal dude?"
  • "Bad answer."
  • "It's game time!"
  • "(During ranked battle with Death Metal) This Count... I feel as if I'm looking at my future self. Mega bucks, big-ass house, fast cars, dining in style with a world class chef and a trusted nutritionist counting every calorie! A team of hot Yoga instructors to keep me in shape... Nurses, to attend to my body... Maids and loyal servants at my beck and call... On the weekends, tanned babes knocking on my door every two hours... Every day full of excitement and luxury, that'd be the life! Everything in its right place, it's the perfect life, it's the life of winners! That'll be my life! I thirst for selflessness, hypocrites lusting for their own desire to get killed by young rookies like me! This is how it goes down... And for the old killers? They'll croak anyway. I guess you could call this a "Comedy". I realize there's really nothing here for me. But what else CAN I do but keep going? Maybe I should've been a little more careful before I jumped in... Gotta find the exit... Gotta find that exit, to Paradise! But I can't see it... I can't see anything! There's this sense of doom running down my spine like it's... Like it's trying to suck the life out of me! I need to get rid of it, before I bail... Something deeper, something deeper than my instincts is taunting me! Can't find the exit... Can't find the exit... Can't find the exit... Can't find the exit... Can't find the exit... "
  • "You're joking, right? I don't care about titles or power. I just wanna be number 1."
  • "Here's your ticket to Paradise, old man!"
  • "If I become number one, will you do it with me?"
  • "Moe~"
  • "Blueberry Cheese BROWNIE!"
  • "Playtime is over."
  • "It's open mic night in hell, old man. Sing all you want down there."
  • "It's actually pretty hard to take cheap shots when your enemy is as bloodthirsty as yourself."
  • "Something tells me you watch too many samurai movies, little girl!"
  • "Finish you? I think there's been some kind of misunderstanding. I never fought your father."
  • "Jacobs was my mentor. I'd never kill him."
  • "I watched Master Jacobs' teachings on video over and over till the fuckin' tape wore out. We've never met in person."
  • "How 'bout, "Kill yourself after you kill me?" Sounds like a bit straight out of a samurai movie, don't it?"
  • "I'll fight you anytime, anywhere. Until then... I'll be waiting."
  • ""Kill when you can kill." That's bullshit. All I want to do is fight someone better than me."
  • "That was quite a move. I'll admit you've got potential. If challenge had a taste, you'd be quite delicious."
  • "Forgive me, Holly. I was late in saying this...But I love your soul. Rest in peace."
  • "(in an Irish accent) I don't know who you are or what ya' want, Sir Henry. Where are ya manners? That was my kill ya NAUGHTY BOY."
  • "That's fucked up. That's the stupidest rule I've heard! This guy's mine and you just want me to let him go?! Bitch!"
  • "Hey, he's gone! MISTER SIR HENRY MOTHERFUCKER - HE JUST JETTED! What a pussy..."
  • "Whoa, you're serious. I wouldn't do that if I were you. Oh shit. Ohh shit. I'm packing heat, baby."
  • "Travis Touchdown. It's a good name, don't cha think?"
  • "Oh you heard me right. Harvey, you gonna die tonight. Right here, by my hand. Let's close the curtains."
  • "(in unison with Harvey) It's killing time!!!"
  • "You are the 3rd ranked assassin, bitch?"
  • "I asked if you were ranked 3rd."
  • "I said, are you the 3rd ranked assassin, granny?"
  • "Are you ranked 3rd?!"
  • "Damn right. I'm an apprentice of the master."
  • "Farewell... And goodnight."
  • "You're no assassin. You're just a perverted killing maniac."
  • "Naughty girls need spankings."
  • "I give up. You win."
  • "Thanks. That was a close one. Almost didn't make it. Shit that was close."
  • "You're joking right? Do you know how many people I've killed?"
  • "Geez. You are full of it aren't you?"
  • "Even if you were my father, it doesn't matter. The only thing that matters here is who's best."
  • "I lost everything that I ever cared about. That bitch took everything."
  • "She's a good con artist, that's for sure. She set up some killer fights."
  • "Imagine that...You and I, brother and sister."
  • "All of your sorrows end today, Jeane."
  • "Time for you to rest Jeane. I hope your next dream is a more pleasant one."
  • "It's over. This is where it all ends. Right, Silvia?"
  • "(when Ermen Palmer breaks down Travis' bathroom door in an attempt to kill him) Can't a guy get some privacy? At least when he's taking a dump!"
  • "Why the Hell do you call me Travis? 'Travis!' Like you're my friend or something! Who the fuck do you think you are?!"
  • "That's the CRAZIEST shit I've ever heard! Why would you bring up something like that at the VERY last minute of the game!?"
  • "Aww, SHIT! All news to me! I'm gonna need SHOCK treatment to get over this one!"
  • "She's a bad wife...But a good woman."
  • "You're right. Suddenly you being my brother doesn't sound so awkward."
  • "Wait a sec. You want me to tie up all these loose ends? I don't think so."
  • "I want to bail, but where the hell's the exit? There's no way out, is there? No getting out... Right, bro?"
  • "Then let's find that exit they call Paradise."

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle[]

  • "Hold it, you violence-loving bastard. Before you start your desperate struggling, you should drop a nice save!"
  • "It's called fashionably late, fuckface."
  • "It's only where my last killing spree started. All those screwed up ranking fights... Now WHY would I remember that?"
  • "...Brother? Who?"
  • "Um... No. Can't saw I do. Guess he didn't make an impression! Must have been crazy weak."
  • "...Sorry. I don't keep a death diary. And in case you're wondering, I'm even stronger now."
  • "Uh HUH. You're something else. I haven't been so worked up in ages. When you see your bro in hell, tell him, HE'S STILL A DOUCHE!"
  • "Sylvia...? Is that it? You gotta be kidding! I haven't seen you in three years, and that's the welcome I get? How 'bout you fill us in on everything that's happened since the last game? We're not going to be satisfied until you do. Right?"
  • "(after Sylvia breaks the fourth wall and reasons to Travis and the player on not wanting to recap the events of the first game) Well, I, I guess you have a point there."
  • "Hold on. Why would I have to start from rank 51 this time?!"
  • "But I already fought my way to number one before! Shouldn't I get a special fast track to the title fight?"
  • "Shut up. You can't bribe me this time. I've already tasted those goods."
  • "Five course? Wait, I don't get what that means."
  • "You-- You don't say."
  • "Like uh, down-- downward dog?"
  • "Co-Cobra? Rabbit? Like together? Hold on!"
  • "I'm in it to win it, baby! Number one here I come!"
  • "Pain in MY ass.... Why aren't you dead yet? Seriously? I cut off your head!"
  • "Our plan?"
  • "Moe~"
  • "Where are you?! I don't care who the fuck it is, just give me someone to fight!"
  • "Someone killed Bishop!"
  • "Sylvia, I want to make a deal. I'll conquer the rankings--fight whoever it takes. And in return, You find me the assholes who killed Bishop."
  • "This isn't a battle anymore... It's a motherfucking war!"
  • "You better not be lyin'.
  • "He really is everywhere, huh?"
  • "Just sit back, Sylvia, and watch the hell I'm gonna raise!"
  • "Spare me the mystic crap. I came here to fight."
  • "(when Nathan Copeland refers to him as "Travis, The Crownless King.") I don't know who's talkin' about me. But that nickname's alright."
  • "Then you're in luck. Cause I'm as worthy as it gets. And I've got a shit-ton of anger to work out."
  • "Uhh, you should go easy on the crazy punch. How 'bout I just cut you a new one?"
  • "Halle-fuckin-lujah!"
  • "(after defeating Nathan Copeland) Just 49 left... This is going to take a while."
  • "Better hurry! Like you said, I don't want anybody getting to that Bat bastard first."
  • "I'm in the zone, baby. Nothing's gonna hold me back."
  • "Fine. Whoever they are, I'll make sure they get a nice close-up of my beam katana."
  • "Everybody deals with grief differently, right? Some people fuck at funerals. I cut off heads."
  • "You gonna fight me with all your hoes?"
  • "Glastonbury... Let's Punk!"
  • "Time for the Hail Mary!"
  • "Feels good. Quick and dirty's my style. Gotta admit, though. This does have a bad aftertaste. Ripping through a bunch of mostly harmless cheerleaders?"
  • "(when Sylvia says she could nullify his victory for showing pity towards Charlie's cheerleaders) Whoa, whoa, wait! I mean they weren't that harmless. You can tear some shit up with a pompom."
  • "(when Sylvia says that the UAA will be confiscating the Glastonbury due to it being too big and a public nuisance) You gotta be kiddin'...Man, I had this baby custom-made, too."
  • "Whoa there, Ice Queen. What's with the harsh treatment?"
  • "...I like her better when she's horny."
  • "What? A fan of me?"
  • "Your, uh, feelings? So this is a love letter?"
  • "Okay, thanks. I could use a dose of innocence. That last fight got a little sick, even for me."
  • "(after reading Kimmy's Letter) Okay, so much for the dose of innocence. But you've got the bloodlust. I'm sure about that."
  • "If you're trying to give me a headache, it's working. Now it's lesson time!"
  • "This is a real fight with real consequences, sweetheart."
  • "(after knocking Kimmy unconscious) Screw this, I can't kill a co-ed. Come see me again after you graduate. And I'll school ya again."
  • "Psychotic fucker. Time for a little pro bono ghost bustin'!
  • "(upon defeating Matt Helms) Full power. GO!"
  • "Wha? What's a kid doing here?"
  • "Already d-- okay, are you on the pipe?"
  • "All assassins are fucked up somehow, or we wouldn't be in this profession. Nothing surprises me anymore."
  • "I haven't even broken a sweat. Why don't you bring me a real challenge?"
  • "Hold up, I'm shelling out all this cash and you can't spring for bus fare?"
  • "Chicks put out for their rescuers, right?" I guess that's a "no". You know, you're lucky I don't have a bondage kick."
  • "Well damn. What was I thinking? She's definitely not a broad I'd wanna hook up with."
  • "...Hey that's true! The paper boy's a genius!"
  • "Damn, that's a twisted way to do things. You agents are becoming as fucked up as the killers you rep."
  • "Fucked up assassins working with fucked up agents. It doesn't get any better than this."
  • "No doubt. I'll kill them all in a flash."
  • "Damn, is it my turn yet? Uhh, anybody work here? This is taking forever! Open the gate so I can kick some ass!"
  • "Wha...? I don't know who or what the fu... Wait a second... Oh yeah! You're that 5th ranked freak Henry sliced up before I got the chance to.
  • "Looks to me like you just gained a few pounds."
  • "That brain also makes you talk a lot, doesn't it? Henry's the one who tore your shit up. But if you want to take it out on me, go ahead."
  • "So Henry makes a cameo..."
  • "Will you shut up! I just need to make one thing clear. I'm not gonna kill you because of Henry. I'm gonna kill you because your big metal ass is in my way."
  • "Pretty fast for a tin can! Now it's my turn!"
  • "Shinobu? How did-- Wait, what'd you say? Did you call me Master? I don't have time for apprentices! You have any idea how much pro-wrestling is backlogged on my VCR?"
  • "No way...You won this? That's pretty bad ass."
  • "Me over-burdened? Who told you that?"
  • "What?! Who's that bitch think she is, my nanny?"
  • "(when Shinobu tries to seduce him) I can't. I feel like that pervy teacher in a porn!"
  • "What the hell! I got to fight a whole fucking space program now?!"
  • "(after defeating Captain Vladimir) Glory to the Soviet Union."
  • "(lecturing on UAA situation) Don't be stupid! If you get tired of the battles, just fucking quit!"
  • "See that? Now THAT was a battle! LOOK AT THIS BLOOD? We humans are alive, even if we are assassins! It doesn't matter if its a videogame, movie, drama, anime, manga! WE'RE ALIVE! PEOPLE SHED BLOOD AND DIE. THIS ISN'T A GAME! You can't just selfishly use DEATH as your tool! ALICE'S BLOOD! I bet you already forgot she existed! The same way you would've forgotten me! And THAT'S why I'm tearing down the UAA! (realizes he's burning Sylvia's hand and after listening to her response) Fuck that! I want to be a hero by my OWN standards! .....Take your own god damn advice."
  • "A VIP just showed up. Talk to you soon."
  • "Sylvia, I can't figure you out. I didn't say that. But there's a lot of things about you I don't get. You lie, your greedy, and you're a fucking contradiction in heels. Well your personality kinda sucks. I'm crazy about you. Fuck if I know."
  • "Once I'm number one, these bullshit ranking fights are over. Got it?"
  • "Assassins aren't tools. As fucked up as we may be, we're HUMANS, too!"
  • "Batt!! There you are!!"
  • "Thought the suspense was gonna kill me! How will he make his entrance? Is he emo or grunge? What's his fighting style? How's his broke-ass face gonna look when he dies?"
  • "Why?! Why'd you kill him?!"
  • "If you wanted revenge, you should've come for me!"
  • "Go to hell! Don't ever compare Bishop with your shithead family!"
  • "(reacting to the fake decapitated heads of Shinobu, Henry, and Sylvia) You're gonna fucking pay. Enough!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • "(when Henry shows Travis that the decapitated heads were just replicas) Serious?! Jeez! Well aren't I a gullible idiot? These are pretty sweet actually. Think I can take one of these home?"
  • "(reacting to Jasper Batt Jr.'s second form) You gotta be shittin' me!"
  • "And that's a wrap..."
  • "Rich assassins pull the craziest shit."
  • "Wait a second! You're already here--you might as well keep fighting!"
  • "Suit yourself...Now...I'm gonna get my revenge once and for all!"
  • "Come on, prez! Unleash your hate! Your anger! Everything! I'll take it all and fucking kill you with it!"
  • "Sylvia...Now that's paradise."
  • "...Finally, here she is."
  • "Sylvia, I was looking for you."
  • "Yeah it's real. Let's go home. Santa Destroy needs us."

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes[]

  • "Take one more step...and you're dead."
  • "You really fucked up now, old man."
  • "You wanna play? Let's play."
  • "Hold up! I've been away a long time. There's a new generation of gamers out there. Lemme me at least introduce myself."
  • "Quit making this shit confusing. They need to know about the most badass assassin in video games..."
  • "Nice work, dickhead."
  • "A man needs his hideout, you know?"
  • "I was just thinking some bloodshed would be nice right about now."
  • "Shinobu, you're a funny broad."
  • "Hey, quit fucking around. This isn't a game, you know! Get the hell out. Seriously, what the hell, man? Huh? Where is this? Open up your eyeballs, dude... We're in development. For what game? Like I'm gonna tell you that."

No More Heroes III[]

  • "Was today the 4th of July? If not, is the empire striking back, or what? Looks like things are gonna get weird today."
  • "As you can see, things got all funky real quick. There's probably some planet-eating-type dude waiting for me up ahead, all yoked and powerful and trying to take over the world or something. But don't you worry. A hero descends. What? There are no heroes in this world? Oh but there totally are. My name is Travis Touchdown. I'm the last hero around, here to save the world. I'm also just a passing assassin. Here we go... Takin' a kill trip on Death Road!"
  • "Superhero? You must mean me?"
  • "Now galactic superhero rankings? Uh-uh-what?"
  • " stomach hurts...I need a toilet! Perfect location."
  • "Bring it on! I'll give you a little kiss."
  • "If you want to keep living a comfortable life, kill them all!"
  • "(when FU murders Badman) Now you're really fucked! You goddamn scumbaaaag!"
  • “Huh...? Jeane…Have you always sounded like that?”
  • “Always stop by the toilet if you find one.”
  • “It’s the ones who don’t look like bad guys who are the real bad guys.”
  • "Weak-ass loser."
  • "That Power Bomb was your christening"
  • "Kimmy, see you again in my dreams. This is goodbye."
  • “Whooooooooooa!”
  • “Uh, I don't like this...So this is "RPG-style", huh?”
  • "Nice. Changing forms like that and all... You must really love the tokusatsu stuff."
  • "You came, you cosplaying dickhead."
  • "You dirty fucking COSPLAYEEEEEEEERS!"
  • “Could you film a live-action version of No More Heroes?”
  • "That's sad. Didn't your Mommy and Daddy teach you? It's not nice to cause trouble for others! No? Cause trouble, and you'll get scolded! But nobody's ever scolded you before, have they?!"
  • "Black Hole Prison? It's basically Paradise. That wasn't "punishment"; You just went on a nice little vacation abroad. And that's how we get Prince Dumbasses... like you."
  • "Go on, get angry, you FUCKING loser! GET ALL NICE AND SALTY FOR ME!"
  • "There we go! Those eyes, right there... the dumbass is turning into a beast!"
  • "Oooh, nice, scary eyes. That's what I wanna see! Come at me, KILL ME! Demons don't got SHIT on me!"
  • "You're getting real fucking crazy now. THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! AAAAAH!!!"
  • "What?! The mech from Daemon X Machina, from Japanese developer Marvelous?! An Arsenal?!"
  • “I’ve still got somewhere to go home to. But you…you don’t.”
  • "Nice place for the homerun king, huh? Birkin, old buddy. Fuckin' dying on me like that..."
  • "Oh snippity snap!!!"

Cultural references[]

  • In an interview with SUDA51, he explains why Travis has a picture of the Virgin Mary by his bed. Saying "Well, Travis is ... Travis is a killer, and so every time he goes to bed at night he's basically asking for forgiveness from uh, the Virgin Mary for everything he's done wrong. So, he's, in his dreams, he's - he's confessing, he's praying for forgiveness." This confirmed Travis is a Christian, possibly if being more specific he's Catholic.
  • Creator Goichi Suda's favorite film is said to be Paris, Texas, wherein the main character is named Travis.
  • Travis Touchdown's red jacket, unique swordplay, dark hair, physical abilities and amoral persona as well as his love of women are comparable to Samurai Champloo's Mugen. Curiously, No More Heroes developer Grasshopper Manufacture was involved in the video game adaptation Samurai Champloo: Sidetracked. It should also be noted that in the Japanese version of No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise, Travis is voiced by Kazuya Nakai, who voiced Mugen.
  • While concept art on the trading card "Travis Touchdown" Front depicts Touchdown holding a gun which bares a strong resemblance to the Star Wars DL-44 blaster pistol, which is famously used by Han Solo. However, he never makes use of any firearms.


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  2. Nordic Game Conference: No More Heroes' film influences. Andrew Hayward. May 20, 2009.
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