"The virgin child makes her wish without feeling anything" is the twelfth track from the third disc of the 2008 release No More Heroes Original Sound Tracks. It was recorded by Masatoshi Moriwaki and written by Goichi Suda. The song can be heard in the game at Destroy Stadium just prior to Travis Touchdown's ranking match against Dr. Peace, where it was performed by Dr. Peace.





    Despair, the end of the world
    I hear the rising phoenix in my dreams
    And the virgin child made her wish upon a star
    That night her mother talks no more
    Cape of Hope, the end of the dream
    A shiny fish splashes in a stream
    And the virgin child loses her heart and soul
    That night her mother's eyes see no more
    When the wind blows
    The virgin child's corpse sings a song
    Such a pretty melody, never heard before
    No more lullabies
    The virgin child, smiles from Hell