Takashi Miike is a famed Japanese-film director, who makes a cameo in No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle. In No More Heroes, it is revealed that he is the favorite director of Travis Touchdown and Bishop Shidux.

Appearance in No More HeroesEdit

Takashi makes a cameo in No More Heroes 2 right after Shinobu's fight with Million Gunman. Right after the fight, Shinobu visits the grave of Bishop where she meets Takashi. Takashi claims that he is a close friend of Bishop although they have never met in person, but have written letters to each other. He also gives Shinobu the Rose Nasty beam katana, which was a gift Bishop meant to give to Travis, that Shinobu gives to Travis before the Ryuji fight. After this Takashi is never seen again.

No More Heroes 2
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