SFX Converter
250px-Destroymans_Weapon_Head.jpg Destroymans Weapon Arm
Type Particle beam
Destroyed Short-circuits when Travis Touchdown stabs Destroyman through the back, severing the wire which connects to its battery
Owners Destroyman

The SFX Converter is a fictional weapon in the 2007 video game No More Heroes. It is an advanced technological weapon capable of granting its user "superhuman" strength as well as the ability to project several different particle beams. It is ddfd-powered and consists of peripherals designed to fit the arms and head. Destroyman, a recognized user of the device, also has a pelvic attachment which may be a peripheral of the SFX Converter as well, though this can't be completely supported as trading cards in the game feature the arm and head attachments only. Still, a powerful particle beam dubbed by its user the "Destroy Buster" is seemingly fired from this pelvic attachment, most likely meaning it is actually the third peripheral of the SFX Converter.

In the Trading Card GameEdit

There are two trading cards featuring the SFX Converter in the Design Materials set. These are the sixty-sixth and sixty-seventh trading cards which depict the arm and head peripherals respectively. Several cards in the set also feature Destroyman wearing the SFX Converter as well.


  • Trading cards which feature concept art of the SFX Converter reveal that early in the development of No More Heroes, it was originally called the SFX-Converter, the dash being seemingly dropped from its name by the game's release.
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