The locations of all forty-nine Lovikov Balls in Santa Destroy.

Lovikov Balls are items in the 2007 video game No More Heroes. They are red balls with small yellow inscriptions that are found throughout Santa Destroy. They don't seem to possess any special characteristics other than that of a simple toy ball, but strangely, are highly valued by Randall Lovikov, a local Russian drunk who spends his time at the town's bar plastic model, hence the name "Lovikov" Ball. Visiting bar plastic model with at least 7 Lovikov Balls will spark the man's interest enough to lend his memory towards teaching Travis Touchdown a special technique. There are forty-nine Lovikov Balls scattered about Santa Destroy, amounting to a total of seven techniques available to Travis. The balls will appear as orange dots on the mini map when the player is near them.

The Lovikov Balls are a reference to the Dragon Balls from the anime and manga series of the same name. The manual refers to them as being part of a wish-granting dragon - another reference to the Dragon Ball series.

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