Quotation1 I killed your parents. You must be burning up with rage. Quotation2
Age 25 years old
Nationality American
Relatives Travis Touchdown (half-brother)
Henry (half-brother)
Silvia Christel (sister-in-law)
Jeane (niece)
Notable kills Travis Touchdown's parents
Dark Star
Weapon Physical strength
First appearance No More Heroes
Battle theme "Rocket Surgeon"
Voice actor Kari Wahlgren [ENG]

Mamiko Noto [JAP]

Jeane is the name of three different distinguishable characters; Travis' half-sister, his niece, and Travis' cat. This article is about Travis' half-sister. For Travis' cat, see Cat Jeane.

Jeane (ジーン) is a fictional character in the 2007 video game No More Heroes and the main antagonist. She is a 25-year-old American assassin and Travis Touchdown's childhood love interest, and in actuality his half-sister; her surname is unknown as well as being the first-ranked assassin after killing Dark Star. (evident by the fact Sylvia does not interrupt their fight unlike the incident with Letz Shake earlier.) She hated Travis and his family for being stuck with their paternal father who sexually molested her (revealed in a fast-forwarded cutscene slowed down) after causing her mother to commit suicide. She resorted to prostitution to fund her training in an attempt to seek revenge. She killed Travis' parents in front of him and destroyed his home.

She kills Dark Star, the highest-ranked assassin in the United Assassins Association, with a single blow from behind during the final stages of the UAA competition. After explaining herself to Travis, she engages him in a final battle using her mixed martial arts skills. Travis eventually kills her with Shinobu's help. Curiously, in the game's true ending, it is shown that Silvia Christel has a young daughter, also named Jeane.

Her relationship with Travis and their "father" Dark Star may be another parody to the "Star Wars" series, with Jeane assuming the role of Princess Leia. Same with the revelation of them being related being similar to the revelation in "Return of the Jedi".

Jeane is voiced by Kari Wahlgren in the English version and Mamiko Noto in the Japanese version.

Jeane's revelationEdit

During Travis' encounter with Jeane, Travis demands she tell him what justified murdering his family, to which she replies that her story is too horrible and that, "It would only jack up the age rating of this game even further." Travis and Jeane come to the conclusion that Jeane will tell Travis what he wants to know, but on the condition that she literally "fast-forwards" her confessions, during which the player make only minimal sense of what Jeane is saying. The following is transcribed from a slowed-down version of her story, which can also be viewed on YouTube.

You are my half brother. You know that manga called Miyuki? The Japanese one. Well, it's like that. Your father abandoned my mother to run off with your mother. It broke her heart beyond repair. She killed herself. Knowing I had nowhere to go, he took advantage of me. Ever since I can remember, he molested me. We lived in this rotten apartment... And I was his slave. Every day I cursed his soul. I swore that I would kill him one day. But cursing didn't change anything. That's when I decided to become a killer. With no money to pay for training, I paid with my body. But to you, I bet that son of a bitch looked like a hard-working family man. That was all an act. He didn't give two shits about cleaning up my life so I decided to clean it up myself. That's why I do what I do. And I got what I wanted. Killing him in front of your very eyes. That's my story.

In the Trading Card GameEdit

There are several Jeane trading cards in the Design Materials set. These include "Jeane" Design, "Jeane" Expressions and Jeane.

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