Holly Summers
Holly Summers PR Illustration
Nationality Swedish
Affiliations United Assassins Association
(ranked sixth)
Modeling agency
US Military
Ranking match Body Slam Beach
Splash taunt "Still just a bud"
Alter ego Model
Notable kills Herself
Weapon Shovel, laser-guided missiles and grenades
First appearance No More Heroes
Battle theme "Samurai Summer"
Voice actor Kim Mai Guest

Holly Summers (ホリー・サマーズ) is a fictional character in the 2007 video game No More Heroes. She is a Swedish Assassin and model; her age is unknown. She is ranked sixth in the United Assassins Association. Her weapon, her prosthetic left leg, is equipped with a missile launcher that fires anti-aircraft laser guided missiles. She also bears a green outfit, consisting of a bra and gloves. In addition, she also carries a shovel which she uses to attack the player, dig trenches (pitfalling Travis Touchdown during their ranking match) and attempting to bombard him with grenades before he could climb to the surface. Travis, because of his almost chivalrous attitude towards women, is unable to kill Summers after defeating her. However, after informing Travis that assassins must die when they are defeated, Summers pulls the pin out of one of her grenades and places it in her mouth to Travis's horror. Before Travis can stop her, it detonates, causing her head to explode. Travis, feeling guilt over the fact that he dishonored Summers by not killing her, buries her upon the beach where they fought, confessing that "he loves [her] soul," before leaving.

Holly Summers is voiced by Kim Mai Guest.

In the Trading Card GameEdit

There are several Holly Summers trading cards in the Design Materials set. These include "Holly Summers" Design, "Holly Summers" Expressions and Holly Summers.


  • From Sylvia Christel's own mouth, Summers' country of origin begins with "Sw" – widely thought to be Sweden. Furthermore, the official Japanese No More Heroes website states that she comes from Scandinavia.
  • Holly Summers shares some common traits in with European former model Heather Mills, who also has a prosthetic left leg.
  • Alice Twilight and Holly Summers share similar personalities.
    • One example is that both Holly and Alice wanted to be remembered by Travis Touchdown as honorable assassins.
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