Affiliations United Assassins Association (ranked eleventh)
Splash taunt "Hear the lullaby? Rest in peace baby."
Weapon Dual revolvers and gauntlets housing missiles, mini-guns and blades
First appearance No More Heroes
Voice actor Dee Bradley Baker (Heroes trailer only)

Helter-Skelter is a fictional character in the 2007 video game No More Heroes. He is a cigar smoking albino garbed in the manner of a cowboy and ranked eleventh in the United Assassins Association until he is killed by Travis Touchdown before gameplay begins.

His age and nationality, as well as whether or not Helter-Skelter is his real name are unknown, though he seems to also go by the title of "the Drifter." Despite his large arsenal of weaponry which included dual revolvers and a special set of gauntlets that housed missiles, mini-guns, and blades, he was unable to stop Travis from decapitating him in an anime-like fashion. He is named after the Beatles song "Helter Skelter."

In the beginning of No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle, Travis fights his brother Skelter Helter who has become an assassin to avenge the death of his brother.

Helter-Skelter is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, though his voice can only be heard in the game's original trailer.

In the Trading Card GameEdit

There are two Helter-Skelter trading cards in the Design Materials set. These are "Helter-Skelter" and "Helter-Skelter" Expressions.


  • His name comes from the Beatles song, Helter Skelter.
  • Both his brother and he are the last ranked of the UAA. Him being 11 and his brother 51.
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