Earthquake Maker
Letz Shakes Weapon
Manufacturer LB. Army
Type Seismic generator
Creators Dr. Shake
Destroyed Before launching the Disaster Blaster, Henry vertically bisects it
Owners Letz Shake

The Earthquake Maker is a fictional weapon in the 2007 video game No More Heroes. It is a gigantic machine with a silo-like appearance. It was previously a war weapon owned by the LB. Army and contains the brain of its inventor, Dr. Shake. As the Earthquake Maker prepares to launch a devastating seismic blast dubbed by its user, the "Disaster Blaster," the automated voice of Dr. Shake calculates aloud the cycle ratio of the attack, which can apparently reach as high as 140%.


The Earthquake Maker contains a number of components for purposes known to include detecting any disturbances in heating as it charges its "Disaster Blaster" and locate the target of the blast. A full listing of these components include the ignition, main engine, sub-engine, Cluster Generation, target coordinate calculation, thermal protection, Anti-Shock Balancer, heat detection system, main panel, CELL Pistons, Vanishing Sparks, Trinity Pistons and Scouting Scope.

In the Trading Card GameEdit

There is one trading card featuring the Earthquake Maker in the Design Materials set, "Letz Shake's Weapon". Another card in the set also features the Earthquake Maker in the background, behind Letz Shake as well.


  • A trading card which features concept art of the Earthquake Maker reveals that early in the development of No More Heroes, it was originally called the Earthquake Generator.
  • The visor Letz Shake dons during the set-up phase of Dr. Shake resembles that of Nintendo's Virtual Boy, while Dr. Shake contains engines that refer to the PlayStation 3's cell microprocessor and the Xbox 360's Trinity engine.
  • In No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle, the machine came back as Dr. Letz Shake
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