Destroyman PR Illustration
Real name John Harnet
Age 27 years old
Affiliations United Assassins Association (ranked seventh)
Postal service
Ranking match Bear Hug Studio
Splash taunt "Come and get some, punk"
Alter ego Postman
Weapon SFX Converter
First appearance No More Heroes
Battle theme "Stop Hanging DJs"
Voice actor Josh Keaton

John Harnet, better known by his pseudonym Destroyman (デストロイマン), is a fictional character in the 2007 video game No More Heroes and the 2010 video game No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle. He is a 27-year-old assassin who also recently took up a job as a postman and he is presumed to be American. He is ranked seventh in the United Assassins Association.

Destroyman is technologically superpowered, and cosplays the likeness of a character from an in-game self-financed movie with a cult following also titled Destroyman. All of his attacks' names begin with the word "Destroy," such as "Destroy Spark." He also has a move called the "Destroy Cannon," based on the "Hadouken" move of Street Fighter. He's probably a fan of superheroes because of his costume. Destroyman can fly using machines around the room, while only one machine keeps him up, the others are decoys when Travis destroys the correct machine, Destroyman falls to the ground doing a small amount of damage.

He is known for his enjoyment in killing his opponents, fighting dishonorably and often resorting to taking cheap shots at his opponents (he zaps Travis Touchdown during a handshake of "good sportsmanship" prior to the ranking match). When Travis gives Destroyman a hint of a chance for survival after stabbing him through the chest, he attempts to kill Travis using machine gun turrets hidden by his nipples, immediately after which he is vertically bisected. Nevertheless, he reappears in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle as a pair of cyborgs called the New Destroymen, who share rank 8 and are fought by Shinobu.

Destroyman is voiced by Josh Keaton.

During a livestream, Suda reveals that Destroyman(via concept art) will be in No More Heroes 3 but in 3 different varieties. They are named Destroyman Mass Produced, Destroyman Version T and Final Destroyman. Josh Keaton will be reprising his role.

In the Trading Card GameEdit

There are several trading cards featuring Destroyman in the Design Materials set. These include "John Harnet" Design, "John Harnet" Expressions, "Destroyman" Design, "Destroyman" Expressions and Destroyman.


  • Trading cards which feature concept art of Destroyman's weapons reveal that early in the development of No More Heroes, he was originally called Justice.
  • The fact that Destroyman was originally going to be named Justice is also a reference to the anime Afro Samurai, where Afro's father was killed by a man named Justice.
  • He is one of the assassins with pseudonyms to have real names.
  • His crotch cannon (Destroy Buster) is probably inspired from the comic book "La Caste des Méta-Barons" by Jodorowsky (Suda51 said that No More Heroes is inspired by the movie "El Topo" also by Jodorowsky) in which Othon has a multi-protonic pelvis.
  • He is voiced by Josh Keaton, who interestingly enough, voiced several real super heroes in the past: The Flash and Aquaman (Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths), Spider-Man (The Spectacular Spider-Man), Green Lantern (Green Lantern: The Animated Series), Cyclops (X-Men Legends 2: Rise of the Apocalypse) and Robin (Batman: Arkham Origins).

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