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bar plastic model is a fictional establishment in the 2007 video game No More Heroes. It is the one of the local bars in Santa Destroy, and the place where Randall Lovikov, a Russian drunk, can always be found. Here, Lovikov will pass techniques on to Travis Touchdown from his memories, at the cost of 7 Lovikov Balls per technique; the teaching process also consists of simply a ruthless, off-screen beating. This Japanese bar has top of the line sake, and expects patrons not to drink too excessively or there will be consequences, though what these consequences are is uncertain. bar plastic model is open to Travis anytime after he ranks eighth in the United Assassins Association.

Note:  Bar Plastic Model is not a fictional establishment.  It is an actual bar located in the "Golden Gai" area of Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.  The bar is a known real world hang out of game creator Suda 51.  


Technique of BeautyEdit

  • Memory: Memory of Three
  • Description: Displays the position of enemies on the mini-map.

Technique of LoveEdit

  • Memory: Memory of Demon
  • Description: Allows a "Jumping slash" to be performed by shaking the Nunchuk.

Technique of BizarreEdit

  • Memory: Memory of Child
  • Description: Allows a "dash" to be performed by pressing the B Button.

Technique of GodEdit

  • Memory: Memory of Woman
  • Description: Extends Dark Side Mode time limit.

Technique of AffinityEdit

  • Memory: Memory of Mask
  • Description: Increases the range of your "grab".

Technique of MysteryEdit

  • Memory: Memory of Tattoo
  • Description: Earn bonuses based on your rank.

Technique of Crazy AwesomenessEdit

  • Memory: Memory of White
  • Description: Allows a "jumping down attack" to be performed.


Santa Destroy Guide entryEdit

Main article: Santa Destroy Guide

The "Little Tokyo" of Santa Destroy. The Japanese style drinking hole "bar plastic model" has top of the line sake. Drink too much and expect big trouble.

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