Akashic Points are places of supernatural gateways in Santa Destroy, California. They lead to different planes of existence.

Akashic Point #1: Dark ForestEdit

It's a sacred forest inhabited by not only the living, but something else, in between life and death. They are lost souls who escaped death through deals with the Devil and live on in hideous forms. Matt Helms had his soul trapped in this world and lives here on the Destroy Cemetary.

Akashic Point #2: Prison IslandEdit

A strange place. A prison floating on the sea and shut down long ago. In daylight it is only ruins, but when night falls, one is able to hear Cloe Walsh's tragic scream, what can make the birds go mad, caking the ocean's surface with their dead bodies.

Akashic Point #3: The Hero's FaceEdit

TravisTouchdown 15

"The Hero's Face"

The third Akashic Point is sealed from the cacophony of modern life. On the point there lived the last ascetic. The ascetic lived deprived from all world indulgences and spent all of his or her life for training. Battle has become a obsession for this warrior, who lost his or her sanity. This akashic point is named for the painting of Travis Touchdown's face. The painting is the pre-release image from the No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle logo.

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